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The ECO Generation Park Model resonates with me because...

"I feel like I already live, work and learn at ECO Generation Park. I get excited when I imagine checking guests into the wondrous Bohemian Wagon Camp, and working in the Care Farm, living in a micro home, built by community for community. I know I will age well here." Monica Eastway, Founder

"The ECO Generation Park Model resonates with me because intention drives this multi-generational way of living in concert with nature. After almost 40 years as a gerontologist, it amazes me how little creativity has emerged in the field, especially in our social visions for living increasingly long lives. Also, having parents and grandparents in my own childhood household, I realize that when speaking with others I have experiences and views of old age they were not able to have and develop. Monica's passion and commitment to something that truly addresses multiple needs and desires is the future!" Sharon Baggett, PhD

"The ECO Generation Park resonates with me because it promotes how life thrives at every age. It offers a unique opportunity to protect and preserve the things routinely threatened in later years, dignity and purpose. These values, and a healthy lifestyle environment, are long-known benefits to aging well and living out our dreams at every age. ECO Generation Park reminds us that this is possible. The more we can build, the more families that will experience the tremendous opportunity it offers." Scott Fulton Chair, National Aging in Place Council

"I am at the age when people start to ask me what my plans are for retirement…. RETIREMENT??!! What on earth is that??!I love working! Being a chef is a joy and it always has been…but…Can I continue to work? Is it possible to find an environment I enjoy; that feeds my soul….? I believe that my only fear surrounding “getting old” is the fear of being alone… I have been in search for a community. But how, at this point in my life, can I find a community of like-minded souls? One that shares my values? That truly cares about our earth and the quality of life..? I feel starved for nature…. It has been so long since I danced with the trees…spoke to fireflies…swam in the ocean…grew life from a seed….How can I reconnect with our Earth? ECO Generation Park answers my prayers: A community of like-minded people, all working for a shared goal: helping each other flourish and be strong: Be the absolute best they can be; for themselves and each other. Immersed in nature, this magical place would allow a coexistence with our lovely, hurting planet.Here I can work, doing what I love most: creating healthy and delicious food for folks who will truly enjoy and appreciate it. It already feels like home: A home that I’ve been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember." - Adrienne Harper, San Francisco, Community Kitchen Director

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