The ECO Generation Park Model resonates with me because...

"I feel like I already live, work and learn at ECO Generation Park. I get excited when I imagine checking guests into the wondrous Bohemian Wagon Camp, and working in the Care Farm, living in a micro home, built by community for community. I know I will age well here." Monica Eastway, Founder

"I am at the age when people start to ask me what my plans are for retirement…. RETIREMENT??!! What on earth is that??!

I love working! Being a chef is a joy and it always has been…but…

Can I continue to work? Is it possible to find an environment I enjoy; that feeds my soul….?

I believe that my only fear surrounding “getting old” is the fear of being alone… I have been in search for a community. But how, at this point in my life, can I find a community of like-minded souls? One that shares my values? That truly cares about our earth and the quality of life..?

I feel starved for nature…. It has been so long since I danced with the trees…spoke to fireflies…swam in the ocean…grew life from a seed….

How can I reconnect with our Earth?

ECO Generation Park answers my prayers:

A community of like-minded people, all working for a shared goal: helping each other flourish and be strong: Be the absolute best they can be; for themselves and each other.

Immersed in nature, this magical place would allow a coexistence with our lovely, hurting planet.

Here I can work, doing what I love most: creating healthy and delicious food for folks who will truly enjoy and appreciate it.

It already feels like home: A home that I’ve been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember." - Adrienne Harper, San Francisco

Community Kitchen Director