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The Vision

The ECO Generation Park model has been in development for nearly a decade. 


Monica Eastway developed this new model of living and care in response to her experience caring for her great-grandmother and the need for innovative, cost-effective, community and nature-based solutions to climate change, housing, elder care, food production, and tourism. 


In 2012, Monica shed most of her material possessions and journeyed from Cleveland to

Big Sur, CA, at age 36. 

She had a Mission with a Vision:

To experience live-work-learn communities.


Living and working in several communities

gave Monica hands-on personal and professional experience into what is working, enabling her to design better: generating revenue, and social and environmental impact. 


In 2020, Monica went back to school to hone this innovative model. 


Attaining a Master of Science in Gerontology, focusing on environmental gerontology, gave Monica the knowledge needed to birth the

ECO Generation Park vision fully. 

ECO Generation Park is not 're-inventing'

the wheel.


The ECO Generation Park model combines several working models- generating a Social Multifunctional Agricultural business promoting healthy longevity for all ages;

A model that can be replicated across

rural America. 


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