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ECO Generation Park 

A New Model of Living and Care

Have you ever had to make the decision to admit a loved one into a skilled, assisted or memory care facility? I have, and it was traumatic. 
I have experienced extreme guilt that I was unable to ensure Tess,
my great-grandmother and best friend, could die in the comfort of her beloved home, or a home with her dog, access to Nature and gardens.
This guilt has fueled my passion for Co-Creating
A New Model of Living and Care.
  • I have witnessed people aged 85+ evicted from corporate senior living $$$ when their money ran out.
  • I have witnessed paid and non-paid caregivers exhausted working double shifts, in addition to raising children of their own.
  • I have witnessed older adults isolated and lonely, living without meaning.
  • I have witnessed people of all ages who are food, home and job insecure.

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